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Trends of 2015: Through the ELLE DECOR crystal ball

SEP 4, 2015 | By Trends forecasted by Sonia Dutt

Colours, patterns and materials combine, creating textured looks and finishes along with a melange of graphics as well as accents. These unconventional design statements will promise you a style advanced and modern home. Here’s a glimpse of our 12 predictions we see unfolding this year. 1. Of fossils and mineralsFree form and wondrous, mineral accents in metamorphic patterns unearth distinct imperfections. The vivacious colours accentuate their uneven form and unrefined finish, giving them an edgy vibe. 2. Icy mintCool and soothing, futuristic accessories instantly impart a breath of fresh air. Pristine objects in aqua and translucent colours freeze within a sublime space for reflective respite. 3. Curves and contoursShapely and natural, the smooth object is de rigueur for a contemporary look. Be ahead of the curve with fashionably designed furniture in new age rusticity.4. Tutti fruttiTropical and bright, this rainbow vibrancy pulsates through interiors as irrepressibly cheery objects in lollipop shades shout for joy.5. Fade fadVibrant and spirited, the ombre craze in varying tones, gradually transitions into aesthetic visuals. Go bold or subtle on surfaces or coverings to crate your shady spot. 6. Memphis movement Timeless and geometric, the revolutionary 1980s design movement has been appreciated for decades. Clashing colours, blocky shapes and loud patterns layer and find harmony within staid spaces, as whimsical is the way to go.7. Naive novelty Unconventional and playful, these child-like pieces make for ideal imaginative inspirations. Toy around with them as thy let you drift to a wistful wonderland while rooting for style over staccato.8. Fringe benefits Flamboyant and full of character, tassels and trims always spell opulence and sophistication. Go Great Gatsby glamorous with large accents in glitzy shades for show stopping drama.9. Bubble wrapBouncy and quirky, popping objects instantly lend an addictive burst of fun. Texturise surfaces with these blobby beauties in unique transformations. 10. Overlapping visionsExperimental and bright, it unleashes the artist within. Enter a state of trance as geometric forms and hues merge to create a stage that resonates with your mood.11. Cosmic finds Out of this world and in style, mesmeric creations take you on a virtual interstellar ride. Galactic pieces in a deep tonal palette, becomes the centre of your universe. 12. Organic olive Raw and rejuvenating, this trending tone makes peace with an array of decor elements. Incorporate the earthy tint to bring a little of the outdoors in.

Products courtesy Baccarat, Corsi Design Factory, Designers Guild, Edra, Ettore Sottsass, Glas Italia, Hilda Hellstorm, InV Home, Ishatvam, Le Creuset, Ligne Roset, Moooi, Nishi Chauhan, Jolyon Yates, Rothschild & Bickers, Studio Bertjan Pot, Tortie Hoare, WonderGlass