#TrendingNow: 7 bath essentials of the future

AUG 28, 2015 | By Jaina Chandwany

What if you could listen to music, watch movies and have a reclining massaging chair within the confines of your bathroom? A brighter, tech-savvier tomorrow is already here, sooner than you think. Here’s our hot list of intelligent multi-taskers worthy of starring in their own Back to the Future movie….

1. Etreluxe
Having a really sore day? Get some rest on the Water Lounge by Hoesch conceptualised by NAO Design Bureau. The ergonomic chaise surrounded by a transparent glass, lets light, water and air regenerate the body. Don’t miss out on the mood altering colour changer – enough to turn your frown into a wide smile.

2. Duravit
Now there’s background music to accompany your bathroom singing. Duravit’s mirror cum storage fitted with special Soundystem technology can croon tunes with Bluetooth compatible smartphones and tablets.
Website: www.duravit.in3. Vola Dry off with five star hotel-like towels at home. Vola’s T39 series of modular racks have built-in electric warmers that heat your bath linen to just the right temperature. Website: www.vola.com4. TotoThe Neorest setup is intuitive – while the tub remembers the temperature you prefer, the sink promises a knob-less automatic hand wash. Website: Kohler With a simple form and silhouette, Karing WC packs several advanced features like intuitive touchscreen remote, nightlight, deodorising system and the ability to personalise dryer, water and seat temperatures. Website: www.kohler.com6. Dyson Wash and dry your hands at once without touching anything. Crafted by James Dyson, this tap lets you wash your hands followed by a 14 second air dry.Website: www.airblade.dyson.com7. Seura Stay entertained while you’re soaking in bath salts. Seura’s vanishing Television Mirror is a part of the vanity mirror and disappears when not in use.  Website: www.seura.comAlso read: Set up a futuristic silver and white bathroom with a disco ball effect