Tour India’s first Trump Tower in Pune

AUG 22, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
L-R: The spacious common room features Kate sofa by i4 Mariani and chairs from Molteni & C, both designed by Milan based creative Matteo Nunziati; In the master boudoir, plush bedding by Italian label Flou creates a cosy environment.
Photographs by Max Zambelli courtesy Matteo Nunziati Studio; Left: In the lobby, bronze shelves by Italian company Lema complement the understated decor. Right: The dining space attached to the living room is bathed in bleached hues.
When we say “Trump Towers”, what do you imagine? A grand structure with generous gold accents, maybe? You’d be surprised to know that its Indian debut, located in Pune, takes a far sleeker approach.
Merely 44 apartments make up the 25-floor building, each a whopping 4,300 sq ft in area. Furniture from labels like i4 Mariani and Molteni & C, bronze shelves from Lema and bathroom fixtures from Flou stand out in each flat, all of which are notable Italian brands – an obvious choice for renowned Milan based architect Matteo Nunziati. Developers Panchshil Realty also chose him to design the interiors of the other Trump Towers in India (Gurugram and Kolkata are next in line).
When Matteo first visited Pune, he was impressed by the old trees in Koregaon Park, so he found a way to incorporate them into the global aesthetic he imagined for the space. “I love finding the balance between these two aspects,” he states. “The lobby, for instance, is covered with travertine marble imported from Italy. We asked a local artist to create two sculptures inspired by Koregaon Park’s old trees.”
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