Topstona crafts its own rare bubble in the boundless world of design

SEP 16, 2019 | By Vedika Nair

Through its designs, Topstona, the brainchild of Nikhil Tiwari, blends mundane expressions with conventional patterns to create textured wallcoverings. The brand’s products are an amalgam of art and luxury, combining magnificent stone claddings with industrial elements with the help of a collaboration between designers, artisans, engineers and architects. Captivating textural charm on plain walls, each natural stone is moulded for a 3D appeal.Born in the heart of Jaipur and resonating with the city’s unique identity of cherishing its local soul yet keeping up with the current times, the brand aims to lend a modern language to stone, which has been utilised as a building material since the prehistoric age. Topstona has launched an exclusive collection of surfaces that imbibe the natural essence of ocean waves, the ripples in the skies to the rugged mountain terrains. A form of limestone, travertine is a stone that holds immense history and character as seen in the Entwine range that pays ode to the stone’s unique identity and the stories that it embodies. A repetition of woven knots and loops has been imparted onto the erratically exquisite marble to communicate the stories of our everyday lives. The Nero collection features a series of contemporary monochromatic wall surfaces that restores luxury in muted charcoal. The natural black stone is crafted by chiselling out symphonious geometric patterns and floral designs, drawing inspiration from nature. Influenced by Mughal craftsmanship, the Lusso set embodies floral patterns and motifs that reference the walls and facades of the Taj Mahal, geometrics and stars from the celestial universe are illustrated in the form of luxurious inlay and gemstone work claddings, and striking gemstones and seashells are imbibed into marble stones in unique contemporary designs. Finally, the 6 Degree line takes insight from the most balanced and powerful shape, the hexagon to helm remarkable 3D stone tiles that encompass the beauty of geometrics.