This dream factory in Jaipur converts raw stones into state-of-the-art bespoke pieces

SEP 28, 2018 | By Nitija Shastri

Most of us long to live in magnificent palaces from the Mughal era – the one laden with studs of semi-precious stones and sparkling brass chandeliers. But do you know the process that goes into the making of these objects of envy?From design and technique to business nous and crafting a great story, we give you a grand tour of Frozen Music’s sequestered foundry.The Jaipur-based brand, helmed by father-son duo, Varun and Parth Seth, boasts of a roster of celebrated clientele and has crafted the interiors of a luxury hotel, a popular retail flagship, and a renowned museum. As we walk through the entrance of the factory, you will be greeted by an array of interesting raw statuettes and planters.

So what goes on behind the walls of these 6 factories you ask? From planning to execution – the lifeless mounds of raw materials are tastefully brought to life inside the workshop – lending a Midas touch to everything from door handles to dining tables.1) The stone factory- located in a small yard, this warehouse of sorts is filled with boulders – of coloured stones from Australia, exotic marble from Spain, semi-precious and rare stones imported from Afghanistan. The factory also facilitates machinery that lifts up to 40 tons of weight. Take a walk through the private stone library, you will be spell bounded by the collections of rare precious, semi-precious and decorative stones. It is here that the blocks are cut to custom size and shape that the artists use to match and compare their designs with.
2) Production- 2 workshops facilitate state-of-the-art CNC routers and water jet machines that engrave designs and patterns on stones, with a jaw-dropping precision and accuracy of the jets.
3) Design Unit- this workroom cradles 3D printing and skilled CAD artists that assist in the manufacturing and designing of the products.
4) A workshop that solely houses German silver, brass, copper and rare alloys are first sculpted, hammered, shaped and polished to form the most exquisite bespoke pieces.
5) Craftsmen’s Chambers – This space employs over 70 master craftsmen that work with a fevered passion and have served a long apprenticeship in his own discipline – sculpting, cutting, wax carving, clay modeling, marble carving, and mosaic art. The colorful chip-blocking art will inspire you to DIY your own piece! After getting lost in the incredible experience and a newly developed skill, you may realise that the highlights of the expedition are far from over when you leave the factory.