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This designer’s workspace banishes Monday blues

SEP 12, 2017 | By Reecha Kulkarni
L-R: The designer's cabin is classy yet informal, with red brick walls and artwork; Prashant Keluskar's light shade includes notes and sketches
Photography: Prashant Bhat Photography; Natural light, wood and chalkboards contrast with modern chairs and elements.
The city of Mumbai is dotted with Minnie Bhatt’s designs – from the eclectic interiors of True Tramm Trunk in BKC to the Azuli store in Bandra. A few weeks ago, Minnie brought her contemporary style to Kamala Mills – in the form of her own office space.
Cosy lofts, art installations and uplifting quotes on chalkboards aren’t the definition of corporate, but we wouldn’t mind a 9-5 situation here. “We wanted to steer clear of the typical office environment,” Minnie says. “Instead, we wanted a vibrant space that was young, but remained classy,” she continues, and we think the red brick walls, Pinterest-worthy photo strings and colourful metal accents do the trick.
The office also has quirky accessories ranging from Prashant Keluskar’s lights made from their sketches to a turquoise painting from Minnie’s sister, Jenny. We also loved the 3000-pencil ceiling installation that spells out ‘Imagine’, making the gruelling task of climbing stairs a little easier. From rustic walls to eccentric décor, Minnie’s workspace is our home office inspiration.
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