This couturier’s flagship store in New Delhi looks like a Rajasthani haveli

JAN 4, 2017 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
A large wood-carved palki sourced from the local markets of Rajasthan grabs attention in the bridal couture section. A snooker table is placed in the men’s section to help patrons relax and unwind while the women shop. Seating that looks as regal and grand as the apparel are placed in different corners of the store.
The dark rose wall along the flight of stairs leading up to the bespoke bridal rooms reflects silver panels of Udaipur's famed thikri work. The two storied Anita Dongre flagship outlet at Qutub, New Delhi is inspired by the havelis of Rajasthan.
Fashion designer Anita Dongre’s two storied flagship store in Qutub, New Delhi, spanning 10,000 sq ft is a design haven – for apparel and decor. It isn’t uncommon to get mesmerised by her creations, however, touring her new outlet will encourage you to stay here a little longer and revel in the beauty around.
The outlet is planned by the Mumbai based architect Percy Kutar of 4.4 Design; its grand interiors feature some stunning detailing that bestow an uber luxe experience. A beautiful, hand-carved marble fountain welcomes patrons as they enter and the signature scent of jasmine and rose instantly evoke a Rajasthani environs. The grand entrance, painted in dark rose shade shows hand-painted murals depicting flora and fauna.
Thirty hand-painted artworks made in the Pichwai adorn the walls. These were custom-commissioned for the store and each room follows an animal theme, showcasing elephants, peacocks, tigers and more. The trial rooms have hand-block printed walls and the Rag Ragini series of miniature paintings can be seen behind the traditional jhoola.
“Anita has a deep rooted connection with Rajasthan as she spent a substantive period of her childhood in Jaipur. The design thus seeks to recreate spatial patterns of the architecture of the state, transporting people to the bygone era and the regal splendour of a stately haveli,” avers Percy. A gorgeous collection of watercolour paintings of Rajasthani musicians and exotic birds can be found throughout the outlet; some interesting brass artefacts from Anita’s travel memorabilia too are given pride of place.
The doorway of every section of the store has curved arches to reflect a regal vibe. The flooring showcase eight different inlayed geometric patterns of hand cut marble work. The dark rose wall along the flight of stairs, leading up to the bespoke bridal rooms shines with silver panels of Udaipur’s famed thikri work. A large wood-carved palki found from the local markets of the state is placed in the bridal couture section. Providing a colour contrast from the bright interiors are the black and white furniture – some of the pieces even features mother-of-pearl inlay. Creating a little breakaway space exuding modernity is the snooker table in the men’s section. Here, one can find a library that stocks coffee table books on textiles, wines, cars – the perfect corner for the men to retreat to while women shop.
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