These ready-to-fit doors will “open” many design possibilities

AUG 9, 2016 | By Nishita Fiji
We spend ages designing our homes, putting each element together with care and precision. But interestingly, most of us forget the single component that opens up the “gates” to our carefully furnished abodes—doors. Our doors tend to be foremost part anyone notices when they are over as it gives a prelude to the decor inside. And we hear that first impressions are the most lasting ones!
Keeping this in mind, we have cherry-picked a wood veneer company Coast to Coast Designs that creates hassle-free ready-to-install doors to suit every need and taste. These eco-friendly engineered door options come with matching frames in about 150 species of veneer in different cuts and colours that can be installed at site without breakage or disruption.
The brand promises that the pieces are high quality but easy on the pocket. Gautam Baid, Director Coast to Coast Designs states, “While wood, in all its forms and textures, is visually delightful, it is equally demanding to work with. But we have the perfect solution in terms of usage, looks and value.”
Address: 122, DLF Grand Mall, MG Rd, Gurgaon 01
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