These playful products by Hermes will take you back in time

AUG 31, 2018 | By Delilah Rodrigues
Based on the brand’s theme of the year, they designed fun objects that include the vivid Horsecut Ludo by Studio Hermes.
Jeux d’animaux beach rackets by Jean Houzard.
Couvertures Nouvelles playing cards by Jacques Eudel.
Jumping Giant Mikado by Damian O’Sullivan.
Strike Skittle set by Alex Ortega. Photographs courtesy Hermes.
Was playing Ludo your most favourite pastime while growing up? This new take on the design of traditional games will make you want to buy one and relive your child memories.

Never failing to surprise us, French high fashion lifestyle label Hermes introduced playful products in conjunction with the brand’s theme of the year, Let’s Play. The result of the collaboration with designers world over was sophisticated pieces like skittles set, ludo, beach bats, tarot cards available in a bridge deck and poker deck, travellers dice set, among others. Part of this intriguing line are the Couvertures Nouvelles tarot playing cards by Jacques Eudel boasting covers with vibrant chequerboards and graphics featuring horses, the Jumping Giant Mikado by Damian O’Sullivan which has colours and patterns seen on obstacles used in show jumping, and Jeux d’animaux printed beach bats with silk wrist strap by Jean Houzard. Some of our favourites are the decorative Horsecut Ludo by Studio Hermes in printed maple with a die in wood marquetry, inspired by Indian game Pachisi and British game Ludo and the Strike Skittle set envisioned by Spanish designer Alex Ortega with a clever twist, where the six pins carry the ball in their hollowed out centre and leather straps hold them together.