The White Motif’s Namrata Rawlani designs a pocket full of colours for this Mumbai office

MAR 24, 2020 | By Vedika Nair

To incorporate functionality and fun into an office space, Mumbai based designer Namrata Rawlani designed Laqshya Live Experiences to rival the vibrancy of a rainbow. “I believe that people spend most of their time inside an office space and how that space is designed really affects how we feel,” says Rawlani. The space is characterised by a fusion of eclectic design elements that elevate the office experience. The concept of this space was translated into reality with the use of earthy and contemporary materials and innovative design solutions. Upon entry, we’re greeted with bursts of bright red shades against muted reds with colourful origami birds that add depth to the space. Inside, splashes of colour are seen, set against a base of neutral concrete. The shades also correlate to the use of a particular zone—the creative rooms are bathed in teal tones with colourful artwork on the walls while the walls in the meeting room are a bright solid mango yellow. The base palette of neutral concrete with pops of vibrant hues gives the space a peppy aura. The play of colour and design in each room gives the space its own identity and the clear glass partitions tie it together. A number of pop culture elements accentuate the workspace keeping in line with the underlying vibrant theme.