The Orient and The Ocean

OCT 24, 2019 | By Chef Fred Shi
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Lobster soup with scallop and porcini; Lobster salad with fresh fruits.

Once considered the poor man’s chicken, the lobster is now an extravagant indulgence. Chef Fred Shi, Amanyangyun’s Chinese Executive Chef at the restaurant Lazhu, elevates this deep-sea find with spices and tea oil, along with classic local flavours. Succulent morsels of this crustacean’s tender flesh are best enjoyed with warm butter and zesty lemons. Take it up a notch with Chef Shi’s delectable concoctions. Put on some bamboo music, light up a diffuser for jasmine scents and enjoy a decadently lavish spread of delicacies in an alluring medley of eastern flavours.

Lobster soup with scallop and porcini

INGREDIENTS  200 gms lobster shell and head10 gms carrot5 gms onion5 gms ginger5 gms garlic1 Australian scallop 1 porcini mushroomMETHODFry the lobster shell and head with onion, garlic and ginger. Add some water and carrots. Allow the portion to stew for 30 minutes. Simultaneously, submerge the Australian scallop brie y in recently boiled water and then cut it into small cubes. Place them along with a piece of porcini mushroom in the soup for service.

Lobster salad with fresh fruits

INGREDIENTS 1 lobster (approx 350 gms) whole20 gms pomelo20 gms hami melon 20 gms mango20 gms berries20 gms mayonnaise 10 gms dragon fruitMETHODPlace the whole lobster in boiling water for 12 minutes. Then, immediately move it to iced water to chill. Scrape out the lobster meat and slice it. Keep the shell intact for plating later on. Place the meat over a dollop of mayonnaise and assemble the shell to make it resemble a lobster. Garnish with fresh fruits and serve.

Steamed dumplings with lobster meat and black truffle

INGREDIENTS 20 gms our15 gms lobster meat 2 gms black truffleMETHODBoil water and take off the heat. Add our to it and shape as a wrapper immediately. Place the lobster meat mixed with black truffle in the wrappers and fold to make dumplings. Steam for four and a half minutes. Serve with ginger juliennes and vinegar or chilli sauce.

Steamed fresh baby lobster meat, egg white and rice wine

INGREDIENTS 1 lobster, whole(approx 350 gms)20 gms our10 gms rice wine3 egg whites1 small piece of Chinese twisted cruller1 tbsp Chinese rice wine A splash of oilMETHODSimmer the egg whites in Chinese rice wine and water for five to six minutes. Apply some our and egg white to the lobster meat and fry. Place the meat in the stewed egg whites and garnish with a piece of Chinese twisted cruller.