The anatomy of a nursery

JAN 9, 2017 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
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Can’t recall the right expression when talking to a contractor? Do not worry – help is at hand. This list of useful terms will sort you out when liasing with your contractor.
Bouncer seat
A lightweight chair that reacts to your child’s movements with a spring-like up and down motion. Equipped with straps, newer models even come with an MP3 player dock that sing your favourite rhymes
Instead of dragging the crib from one room to another, opt for one with wheels. You won’t regret the mobility
Changing station
A levelled table top with drawers. Lay your tot on the platform for a hassle free diaper change with wipes, powder and other supplies at hand’s reach
Changing table
Can’t find a comfortable spot to change soiled nappies? This desk is especially designed to aid you during the process
Clip lamp
This light, which comes with a clamp on one end, can be attached anywhere and can come in handy when banishing those scary monsters from under the bed
Convertible crib
An ingenious piece, it actually grows with your baby! It transitions from a cradle to a bed with a few simple adjustments and if maintained properly, can be used until five years or more
Corner cushions
Attached at the edges of sharp furniture like tables and shelves. Baby proof your home with these soft but sturdy clamps. This anticipatory safety measure is a must-have
Clip this tiny cot to your bed and have your wee one right beside. Aimed to offer a greater sense of security, they come with adjustable leg extensions
Crib bumper
Avoid accidental bruises with this set of soft pads tied to the inside of a crib. Running the rail’s length of each side, it’s usually eight to 10 inches in height
Crib conversion kit
A contraption that changes and evolves as your little infant grows up to a toddler
Crib mobile
Also known as a musical mobile, it typically hangs over the crib and comes with suspended tiny toys or patterns, even music to entertain your tot
Wall transfers made of vinyl, cloth or paper can easily turn your child’s dull room into a fun space. Easy to apply and remove
Diaper disposal system
These gadgets minimise the smell of “the dreaded things” and only need emptying when it’s full
Diaper pail
Trash can for disposing nappies. Dump used ones in this to keep your nursery clean and odour free
A type of rocking chair that has flat base with tracks for forward and backward movement. As it sits on a horizontal plane, it’s a marginally safer bet for those curious fingers and toes
Growth charts
Affix one of these to a wall and measure the rate at which your teeny bundle of joy is becoming bigger. Comes as a sticker or as a long ruler
High chair
A tall seat that enables your toddler to reach the dining table’s height. After all, a family that eats together, stays together
Borrowed from American English, it refers to a piece of furniture that rests on a cabinet or dresser to provide additional room for supplies. Never misplace essentials like medicines again
Infant capsule
A detachable variant of a car seat, it allows you to carry your offspring when stepping out of the vehicle without disturbing their slumber
The cutest wardrobe you will ever pick – a complete set of clothes, sheets, bed covers and other tiny accessories for your newborn cherub
A long pillow-like cushion that rests on the vehicle seat to make it even, ensuring a safe commute for your bundle of joy
Mini crib
This portable bassinet provides all the ease your child needs when you are travelling or making a quick stop at the grocery store
Moses basket
A kind of bassinet, this wicker carrycot has handles for portability. It’s not only safe and versatile but also countlessly cute. Looks like your prayers have been answered…
Always end up stumbling into things during those midnight feeding sessions? Get a small illuminator with dull radiance to watch your step and keep your lil’ infant from getting overwhelmed with the dark
Nursing chair
Placed in either the kid’s room or the parents’ bedroom, it has comfortable seating and is specially designed for breast feeding mothers
Open organisers
A storage piece, it has multiple containers for assembling your wee one’s belongings and personal items.  A well arranged one can make your life infinitely better
Play yard
An area dedicated for tots to have fun with their dolls, cars and building blocks. Leave behind worries of picking them up after they are done
Paper pom-poms
To up the adorable quotient, try your hands at colourful and fluffy balls that resemble a dainty dahlia. Made of tissue, these decoratives appear to float in the air and impart cheer to a corner
Shelf apron
An edging that runs around tables and shelves and prevents items from rolling off and breaking. Use it as a measure of baby proofing your abode
An advanced version of a mobile, it lulls your babe to dreamland by creating a calm, mild atmosphere with music and light. Sometimes, a cuddle toy also serves the function
Task light
Want to highlight a specific area of your kids’ room?  Give these nifty illuminators a chance to shine bright
Sliding out from under a bed to form an additional sleeping space, it makes for a safer option than bunkers and can double up as storage area too
Wipe warmer
This device heats the wiping cloth so that your infant doesn’t get a cold shock when getting cleaned. Ideal for use during the winters and in cold places
Local Lingo
Bal kaksh
Means nursery
Simply, swing
Small cot
Khel bada
Refers to a cradle
A small gate installed at a doorway to keep kids from running out of the room
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