Ten decor inspirations from Instagram for an eclectic makeover of your living space

JUN 3, 2019 | By Dhawal Bumb
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Photograph by @stephanjulliard; Photograph by @minh_ngoc; Photograph by @joshuamchughphotography; Photograph by @fabien_charuau; Photograph Courtesy Victoria Pearson.
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Photograph by @georgios_tataridis; Photograph by @stephanjulliard; Photograph by @mylushabode; Photograph by @milk3636; Photograph by @pr.arq.

A minimal, monochromatic colour palette that exudes class or a colourful vibrant space that is cheerful, an artful setting or a space overlooking splendid outdoor views, we bring to you some of our favourite decor inspirations from the world of Instagram for an eclectic makeover of your living room. 1. Give your living room a retro look with a green accent wall serving as a contrasting backdrop to your grey fabric upholstered sofa set against a sleek wooden table. Adding planters to the corners brings a pop of freshness to the room. A vintage fan and a lamp stand along with few wall pieces add a touch of elegance to complete the frame. Reposted from @hunkerhome Photograph Courtesy @mylushabode

2. This monochromatic themed living room with a modern makeover is a favourite for all those who love black. A minimal design with a clean black and white fireplace complement the grey-brown, leather sofas with wooden side tables. A white-topped centre table with a custom-made light fixture suspended above enhances the character of the space. Furnishing the centre and side tables with accessories bring in a hint of luxury. Reposted from @archdizaynPhotograph by @georgios_tataridis

3. This living room inspiration from a Parisian apartment is what you are looking for if you want to give your room a classic makeover. Plain white walls of the room along with full sized windows make the room look expansive. Adorn the walls with paintings or murals to balance the empty spaces above the fabric cushioned seatings. A custom designed chair can brighten up space. The dual-top curved centre table is a welcome change from the otherwise conventional rectangular geometry of the room. Wooden and brass side tables with accent pieces atop add gloss to the living space. Reposted from @stephanjulliardPhotography by @stephanjulliard

4. A double-height living room can be a tricky space to design. It is important to make the room look alluring without disturbing the verticality of the space. Wallpapers or wall furniture with upright design features enhance the height of the space. A cream coloured sofa set with contrasting brown cushions and a contemporary white centre table with black legs resting on a cream furry rug makes the space visually appealing. The whole setup is placed atop wooden flooring to demarcate the living area from its surrounding spaces. Reposted from @ishearchitecturePhotography by @milk3636

5. A pair of live edge wooden tables surrounded by clean grey coloured fabric upholstery and a pair of vintage wooden chairs are the perfect inspiration for a space that opens out to an expansive landscape. The wooden furniture helps you connect to nature while the free-flowing layout provides ample space for people to easily manoeuver.Reposted from @ fun_homedecoration Photography by @pr.arq

6. If you love colours and like quirky spaces then this living room design is just the place you were looking for. The walls double as a canvas of colourful abstract art with a fluted bubblegum pink sofa set and two small black wooden tables in the foreground. The simple texture of the neutral-toned floor balances the vibrant walls. A bold, white retro lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling contrasts the colourful palette of the space and is hard to miss. Reposted from @chairishcoPhotography by @minh_ngoc

7. A living room should exude elegance just like this space consisting of a cosy sofa and a vintage brass-legged cocktail table with a striking Friedel Dzubas painting in the background. The black and white side tables and the statement silver pieces on the table bring alive the muted colour palette. The cocktail table sits on a textured carpet that effortlessly blends with the living room’s arrangement to create a chic space. Reposted from @cottagesgardensPhotography by @joshuamchughphotography

8. A recessed living space extending out to an exterior swimming pool makes a beautiful living room setting. An amphitheatre-like seating and a grey fabric sofa encompass a two-piece black table creating a rhythmic visual. The brick textured wall and the contrasting plain wall on either side of the seating area illuminated by the natural light coming in from the large opening towards the pool make the living area appear bigger. A contemporary lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling accentuates the elegance of the space. Reposted from @studioamitavikrantPhotography by @fabien_charuau

9. An octagonal wooden coffee table surrounded by fabric upholstery accessorized by soft, furry, white cushions and a furry stool with brass legs laid on a black and white striped flooring creates a setting that is vibrant. A textured coral pink wallpaper with a big, circular silver frame mirror hanging over a wooden drawer cabinet brings a sense of quiet calm to the room. Signature furnishings that grace the tops of the table and the cabinet are classic in their appearance. A special artwork with muted pink and white tones, suspended on the wall attracts attention. The statement brass lighting hanging from the ceiling is also in harmony with the room’s furniture and completes the look of the space.Reposted from @mmlightingPhotograph Courtesy Victoria Pearson

10. A luxe living room oozes class and this one such living space inspiration is tailor-made for a style statement. An artful, vibrant blue rug set beneath a pair of standalone fabric cushioned wing chairs and an eclectic 3 piece brass legged centre table are visual treats. With a huge brass framed mirror sitting in the background on a stone clad white fireplace, a pair of luscious folding screens on either side of the mirror increases the opulence of the space. The neutral colour palette of the space serves as a fitting backdrop for the brass accessories and the furniture of the room. An amalgamation of classic style and modern furnishings, this living room decor is surely a head-turner. Reposted from @ashleystarkPhotography by @stephanjulliard