Swiss chocolate inspired Marcel Wanders’ Kameha Grand Zurich Hotel

SEP 8, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Flamboyant genius Marcel Wanders is known to defy design dogma and Kameha Grand Zurich Hotel is the best example. For the business hotel, the impish designer made an audacious statement by the means of playful elements, proving that professionals are in fact people. This is why in a charmingly whimsical way Marcel incorporated Swiss essence in the hotel’s design. He spotlights Switzerland as the country producing both the best chocolate and the best investors: The partition wall to the bathroom resembles a chocolate bar, the sofas echo Toblerones and handles and min bars are reminiscent of a bank vault.
A true collision of design and lifestyle, Kameha Grand Zurich offers a plethora of awe inducing 245 incredible rooms, including six business suites and 11 individually designed themed suites that carry Wanders’ stylistic signature. At the highest level of the property the King Kameha Suite and an exclusive Space suite, completes this striking masterpiece. The individual suites are the Princess Suite, Poker Face Suite, Ghostwriter Suite, Fair Play Suite, Watchmaker Suite, Burlesque Suite, Gentlemen Suite, Diva Suite, Workout Suite and Serenity Suite. Each suite has bespoke features to complement the theme for example roulette table and Kameha poker cards for the Poker Suite and yoga accessories and scented candles in the Serenity Suite.
Connoisseurs of design and food will love Swiss inspired elements that continue throughout the property in the form of the exotic Shisha Lounge, classically contemporary Smoker’s Lounge and dramatic Kameha Dome meeting space. The hotel also houses an Italian restaurant and a Japanese fine dining option along with a bar and state-of-the-art spa.
Wander’s passion for the property is clear, he says, “Others deliver an interior design, but we offer a reason for a visit, we create a destination.”
Website: www.kamehagrandzuerich.com
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