Support System: 5 beds with tufted headboards that have your back

SEP 4, 2015 | By ELLE DECOR Team
3. King Bedroom (Gold line) from Asnaghi Interiors . 1. Pink pearl leather (Stardust collection) from Turri. 2. Alexandera by Raseel Gujral for Casa Paradox.
4. Plywood Bedfort by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti .

Are you the quintessential “bed bug” who also loves to eat, read and binge-watch movies in bed? You need a capitonne backrest that’s comfortable and easy on your spine, and also coaxes you to stay in bed a little longer. A tufted padded base in smooth upholstery can also make a style statement in your boudoir; so choose a bed with a headboard that loves your back and also meets your design standards equally.