Suneet Varma: EDIDA India 2016 Kitchen winner

JAN 18, 2017 | By Tasneem Merchant
The collection of bowls, vases, paraats and jewellery boxes was crafted with steel. Suneet Varma's homeware line for Arttd’inox hearkens back to the Indus Valley civilisation.
It is true that great things can happen when you step out of your comfort zone. When New Delhi based Suneet Varma, one of India’s foremost couturiers, applied this mantra it won him an EDIDA in the kitchen category. His Indus Valley series of serveware, realised for brand Arttd’inox, reflects his passion for the country’s history.
While in conversation with him, we delved deeper into the process behind creating the EDIDA winning product and the road ahead…
ELLE DECOR: What is the best part about winning an EDIDA?
Suneet Varma: It is my first venture in home interior and decor. The fact that I worked with an existing successful brand like Arttd’inox and brought about a new story to tell is very gratifying.
ED: The best way to describe your EDIDA winning product…
SV: I’ve always loved the idea of research and delving into the past to create new and forward thinking products. My collection, Indus Valley, was inspired by the utensils excavated from the namesake historic site. The hand beaten and Indian arts and crafts technique made the range look nostalgic yet perfect for an urban home.
ED: Take us through the process of creating your EDIDA winning product.
SV: I was quite sure that I wanted to stay in my genre of aesthetics. I looked into the decorative arts of India and combined them with steel to create textures like Chittai, hand beaten techniques and gilded flowers/ motifs to create a collection of bowls, vases, paraats and jewellery boxes.
ED: Is there a kitchen design you admire?
SV: I really like Arttd’inox’s collection with the rose quartz jewel as a decorative element on their tea set and dessert service.
ED: Two characteristics kitchens of the future will have…
SV: I love the idea of keeping the Indian decorative traditions alive so anything inspired by our country for design. Also, multi purpose products, for example, a paraat which is usually used for food service can also serve an aesthetic function if decorated with floating candles, flowers etc.
Website: www.suneetvarma.in
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