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Step inside these homes for some serious #ArtInspiration

SEP 3, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri
Are you planning to spruce up your home this season? You may just be missing out on an amazing design opportunity. Forget the Louvre, take inspiration from these art-filled homes that add a refreshing spin to the traditional wall hanging accessory. Focal PointBesides the traditional, wall hanging, artworks can do double duty in a home that’s lacking in trim, mouldings, or other interesting architectural details. This living room in a 3000 sq ft Mumbai bachelor pad just shows you how. Designed by KNS Architects, the living space features an accent wall of a custom-designed wallpaper of a fierce Bengal tiger. The tropical wallpaper pulls the design of the space together while expressing a powerful visual story. Colour BlockingA vibrant gallery wall is an instant perk-me-up to any neutral-hued space. Take your #DecorInspiration from this master bedroom that exudes a chic and relaxed vibe. Pop-art pieces against the backdrop of a striking red wallpaper, make for a clever twist to the typical gallery wall. The earthy shell has been given a vibrant touch in the form of the colourful backdrop and a striking blue bed. “The feel of the space is rustic with a relaxed casual vibe,” says Neemesh Shah, principal architect and Director of KNS Architects.
Textural PlayIf you are nervous about placement, don’t be. Art isn’t just for carefully flanking your dining or living room—make use of forgotten spaces in a home where art can have an unexpectedly big effect. We are are currently obsessing over this luxurious marble artwork in Apartment 8, Mumbai. The 2000 sq ft contemporary luxe-dwelling, helmed by Anushka Contractor, showcases the living room—an elusion of a solid block of marble project through the wall. The longwall features the Lusso Macchiato marble sourced from The Quarry Gallery installed in a unique design slanting as wall art. “This was done to display many of their existing artefacts and showpieces,” says the talented interior designer. “Each space to expresses a different story as per their usability and living,” she adds.MultifunctionalityUse standout, multifunctional pieces help elevate a traditional low-lying area to a modern, style-infused space. This New York apartment designed by William McIntosh at 432 Park Avenue shows you just how. A cantilevered bar stays concealed behind a striking graphic canvas by graffiti artist Retna. At the touch of a button, the bar slides open and a sculptural bronze server stands open—like a scene from the James Bond film, to reveal the drinks cabinet. The Do’sIn a recently completed residential project called A Subtle Contrast, Pratik Siddhpura and Devang Patel of P&D Associates incorporated art for a dramatic expression which resulted into making a modern representation of classic colonial art deco with dramatic bold artworks. “Always maintain equilibrium in composition,” says Devang Patel of P&D Associates, pointing to a dreamy architectural watercolour painting by artist Sunga Park hanging by the living room of the apartment. “Keep the focus on only on one element at a time, place subjective painting in the places where you need to reform dull spaces to achieve striking ambience,” he explains. While most art may go unnoticed, character building for a space, according to Pratik Siddhpura, of P&D Associates lies with complementing art pieces. “One must let art speak of your persona,” he says, referring to The Olly and Dolly Sisters canvas by renowned Hungarian painter and photographer László Moholy-Nagy that rests behind the blush pink sofa in the bedroom.