SOS tips for a last minute Diwali party

NOV 3, 2018 | By Simone Morarka
An alluring tablescape to go with your festive theme, designed by Ami Kothari; Photograph courtesy: Gaurav Madan Arts.

Ever scroll through your feed been populated with lavish Diwali parties? Ditch the #fomo and get planning – these 101 tips by our favourite celebrity hosts will be your manual to host the most memorable party for the festive season. 1. Kick in the festivities with a unique motif theme“Always special to plan a party with a theme in mind, let this be your thumb rule,” says Mumbai-based lifestyle and interior designer, Jasmine Jhaveri. For Diwali, something traditional always sets the mood but who has to go down that well-trodden road? Banish the banal – a refined theme using gold as a central colour lends elegance to your dining decor. “You could incorporate this ‘Midas’ theme for your guests to align with their guise,” adds celebrity fashion designer, Pria Kataria Puri. 2.  Make your guests feel at home  Mumbai- based savvy artists, Jasmine Jhaveri and Ami Kothari, assert that one should plan a guest list around the accommodation. A quick tip would be to arrange the seating in clusters which can be joined together for larger groups – still retaining privacy for small groups. A great option is to scatter floor pillows, footstools, and coffee tables that allow people to lounge and dine while socializing. 3. The perfect lighting will truly make your party ‘lit’ A sense of warmth and relaxation to your home is of paramount importance and the perfect lighting will be your savior. Rohina Anand, founder and creative head at AA Living suggests going modern by using flowered lanterns instead of diyas for your entrance. “Add as many mirrored pieces as you possibly can to refract the light,” she adds. Moreover, you can opt for warm lights – candles, lamps, fairy lights. “Your guests will instantly feel at ease while giving your home an instant facelift!” asserts Jasmine. 4. Set the mood with good food and music “Food and cocktails are the stars of any party and you must get creative with the menu. Create a gobsmacking platter along with concoctions keeping the theme in mind, this adds to the surprise element,” adds Pria. You can also try to incorporate some salubrious plates as well. Jasmine suggests that one may amp up the playlist with an interesting mix of soft to upbeat tempo songs, according to the mood and theme of the setting. “You want to let conversations flow but it’s always a good idea to have a party playlist handy as well, in case it turns into one of those dance-all-nighters!” Jasmine adds. 5. Up the glam quotient of your abode with festive decor Planning on giving your home a quick festive makeover? Choose the easy route – with linens and silks with elegant embroidery or texture for a sophisticated transformation. “Change your everyday cushion covers to more festive ones in silks,” adds Jasmine. To add a personal touch, you can also DIY decor pieces for the festivities – accessorize curtains with elegant ties, a quick hack here would be to open your trinkets and use faux pearls or gold necklaces. Inspired much? We think so too…“Quick reminder to prep for party favours for your guests to remember the evening by,” says Jasmine. Keep in mind the 3P’s: Planning, Preparing and Partying, which means that you should make sure everybody is comfortable, but remember the party is supposed to be fun for you too!