Slow Down: Healthy meals for different city foodies

SEP 22, 2015 | By Risha Merchant
Try these smart guilt free meals: Rice and yam burgers and quinoa stuffed in avocados.
Photographs by Tanuj Ahuja, Food Preparations and Styling by Sonia Dutt.

Our cities are filled with all kinds of eaters – the pick-me-up cravers, the-all-natural-diet followers and leftover addicts.We decode the eating habits of each and recommend a not-so-typical twist to each meal.
The Junk EaterWith fast food joints springing up in every corner, processed food has become the easiest, cheapest but an unhealthy option. Time to get all the essential nutrients and limit your risk from modern day syndromes.Our TwistCraving a burger? Consider these wiser alternatives: Replace bread buns with rice cakes and greasy potato chips with sliced and baked yams. Serve in bright coloured melamine tableware.
The Calorie CounterLiving actively and eating healthy in a high paced metro is no small feat. If this is the lifestyle you’ve chosen, you are definitely on the right track.Our TwistVeggies can contribute to big bowls of fun. Stuff a generous helping of quinoa salad in avocado halves and pair with a glass of fresh orange juice. Serve in an organic plate made of palm fibre.
The RecyclerEveryone has their share of uneaten food tucked away in the fridge.Many forget about it, while few salvage them to recreate delicious versions.The challenge: Is it nourishing enough?Our TwistTurn your leftovers (we had fish) into a pate by mashing it up and adding wholesome ingredients lying in your larder. Place this on toasted day old bread and pat yourself on the back. You’ve just turned a neglected dish into a delicious hors d’oeuvre. Serve in modern, mismatched crockery.Also read: Bring your favourite street food corner to your home