Say hello to the world’s most eco-friendly furniture till date

JAN 18, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
They may seem like an ordinary desk and seater duo but the Float table and Diffrient Smart chair by New York based office furniture label Humanscale are unlike any others of their kind. In September last year, they received the Living Product Challenge Certification issued by the International Living Future Institute, which pushes manufactures to create objects that don’t encroach on the planet’s resources and also improve the quality of life of their users.
The pieces are analysed to ensure green thinking throughout their life cycles. The label’s factory is equipped with solar panels that generate two and half times the energy needed for production so that they supply more than they consume. Additionally, rainwater harvesting techniques provide every drop of water required.
Humanscale’s Chris Gibson explains their philosophy, “We believe it is our responsibility not only to minimise our environmental footprint, but also to make an overall positive impact on the Earth as well as our customers through using healthier materials, sustainable processes, and giving back to the environment.”
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