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Rosita Missoni: 5 things you didn’t know

MAR 29, 2016 | By Aditi Gaitonde

At 85, she is an unstoppable enigma. The grandmother of knitwear turned in her keys only to emerge with a new passion: Decor. In the ‘50s, she along with her husband Ottavio launched Missoni, a fashion label famed for their colour crazed patterns. She extended its iconic style to furnishings with Missoni Home in 2004, and since the last five years, has also been lending her creative visions to Hotel Missoni world over. Bold and passionate with sophisticated flair, the doyenne discloses five rather interesting facts that revolve around her life in Sumirago near Milan, Italy…
1. She’s a nature lover. Enroute to her studio, she often takes long strolls in her lush garden. “I take time to look around, enquire about the plants with the gardener, take delight in the blooms and relish this passion I’ve shared with my husband. My three pet dogs, Giuggiolo, Hilda and their pup Pinky, run free here.” She loves waking up to “a splendid sight as my bedroom window” that overlooks the lawns and the Alps’ second biggest mountain, Monte Rosa, that turns blush pink as the sun rises.
2. She’s a foodie. She starts the day with breakfast comprising of cereal, fruit, yogurt and tea followed by a heavy lunch with rice, vegetables, eggs and meat. Admittedly, she owes her love for home cooked meals to her excellent cook who has been with her for over 30 years.
3. Her work timings are unusual. “At the end of the day when everyone’s work stops, mine begins. This is when I collect my thoughts and ideas, interact with the press and tie odd ends,” she adds.
4. Weekends are for family and friends. She prefers to catch up with her close ones at home over supper instead of frequenting restaurants.
5. Her bedtime ritual involves a game. Solving crosswords is an important part of winding down for the day. “It makes me concentrate and sweeps my mind of all worries and problems – the perfect massage for the brain.”
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