Promotion: Valcucine’s new Genius Loci kitchen collection is a cookroom marvel

AUG 4, 2017 | By Tasneem Merchant
L-R: The V-Motion sytem allows the user to operate the Air Logica system via hand gestures; Genius Loci kitchen is offered in a number of finishes and colours so it can fit right into you existing home decor.
In order to fully appreciate the contributions of technology in our society, we sometimes need to step back and look at how easy it has made our lives. Take for instance Italian kitchen firm Valcucine’s latest offering – Genius Loci kitchen collection.
It’s innovative V-Motion kit is a patented system that enables the user to open and shut drawers with a simple motion of the hand. Gestures are enough to gain access to the Air Logica system, an ergonomic back panel providing greater storage and ease of access. Not only this, but with a swift sashaying of the hand, one can turn on faucets and even lights.
The cookroom is also entirely customisable right from the angle of drawers for convenience to even having carved, inlaid, mosaic and colour embellishments. Options of fittings are offered in brass, copper, titanium and in different hues to match the overall theme of the house.
The best part about it all is that the kitchen design is influenced by the “secretarie” or traditional writing desks, proving to be a handsome fusion of cutting edge technology while retaining the essence of its roots.
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