Promotion: Live in technicolour with Svarochi’s app controlled smart lights

NOV 27, 2017 | By Reecha Kulkarni
L-R: Svarochi lights can be remote controlled according to your mood;Pick from any colour - don't limit yourself to yellow and white;

Beyond curating a delicious spread and putting together a fun playlist, there is one element to creating the perfect ambience that you absolutely need to get right — mood-enhancing lighting. And Svarochi’s range of lights aren’t only super lit (pun intended), they come with an app interface for you to wirelessly control them.

Set the stage for a karaoke night at home with their spot lights, or use the dimming lights for a romantic date night. You can also highlight that dining table floral arrangement, or bring out the essence of every painting on your wall. Pump up your party by seamlessly switching from a day setting to a full blast night party scene.

Svarochi lets you choose between white light and a warm yellow glow, and their smart settings allow the colours to change from a 16 million color palette available on the mobile app.
Gone are the days when television was the only place to find futuristic uber-cool gadgets!


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