Promotion: Jaipur Rugs’ weaver-turned-designer Bimla Devi heads to Germany to receive the prestigious German Design Award

MAR 5, 2018 | By Jaipur Rugs
Bimla Devi travelled from from Aaspura in Rajasthan to Germany, along with Design Director Kavi to receive the 2018 German Design Award.
Weaver-turned-designer Bimla Devi, collected the 2018 German Design Award for her rug, Kamal.
Jaipur Rugs, through the launch of the Artisan Originals line has provided a platform for weavers to test and express their creativity in the form of a one-off rug. Weaver turned designer Bimla Devi, created the rug, Kamal, drawing inspirations from her day-to-day life. She started weaving before being married to help sustain her family, but kept weaving long after, simply because she loved it. Weaving has helped keep her spirits high as she went through tragic moments, and now it’s brought her to new heights, literally. Going from Aaspura, Rajasthan to Frankfurt, Germany, she has walked on stage to collect a 2018 German Design Award for her rug, Kamal, alongside our design director, Kavi, who also collected a 2018 GDA Gold Award for her Asthai rug. Bimla Devi has now entered a club reserved for some of the world’s best designers. Through sheer perseverance and talent, she stands as an inspiration for her village, the weaving community, and artisans worldwide.
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