Promotion: Find Odin, Aegir and Nordic mythology in klove’s collection

DEC 7, 2017 | By Klove Studio
L-R: The brilliant interpretation of Valkyrie by Klove Studio; Find Freyja and Aegir from Norse mythology at Klove Studio.

In 2016, both Gautam Seth and I travelled to Scandinavia. We were in awe of what we saw. An integral part of being design artists is for our work to take cues from everything around us. Scandinavian design is famous and undisputed for its form and function. Over past two years, klove collections have focused on “Mid Century Modern and Nordic” as an ode to designers from that region. Now in 2017, we have delved deeper to transcend from product design to pure conceptual installation design, to bring alive a new dimension in our exploration of light and form.Nordic Collection, designed to evoke all senses and sweep you away into the Nordic landscape and mythology that is the inspiration. With this collection, we play with newer materials – this year Jade Glass makes an entry and so does woven metal fabric (developed in collaboration with fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh). Different forms of textures in glass tango with a variety of light sources – LED, fibre optic and halogen – to create surreal effects. The Nordic region has a special relationship with light. There is an ethereal quality of light in Scandinavian countries and this quality in higher altitudes is well recognized for its influence and importance in modern architecture. The Nordic light encompasses the light of the sun, the moon and the famous “Northern Lights…the spectrum is a sweeping one.”klove creates an immersive mood, bringing to life deft combinations of light and texture with utterly atmospheric installations designed to engage all the five senses. Taking inspiration from the folklore, history and stunning Nordic landscape, with this collection we are showcasing five new works: Odin, Freyja, Baldur, Aegir, Valkyrie.

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