Promotion: CuroCarte, the new kind of luxury

DEC 5, 2016 | By Tasneem Merchant
Warp and Weft Tea Set, Celadon, Thailand boast a brilliant woven cane-like texture and a transparent glaze. Ash Platter, Studio Pottery, India is a delicately-patterned clay plate handcrafted in the pottery studios of Shantiniketan. Pikul Flower Butter Dish, Benjarong, Thailand, is fired at between 800 and 1000 celcius for 10 hours in a kiln.
Born from the belief that we should create to inspire, Ananya Birla started CuroCarte in 2015, with passionate and innovative change makers at the helm. A first of its kind initiative with design and craftsmanship at its core, the brand aims to reinvent by performing design interventions on rare crafts and adding value by making them suitable for today’s contemporary lifestyle.
On offer are exquisite floor lamps, trays, coasters, platters and bags to boxes and bowls – you can spend hours here, choosing what appeals to your personal taste. Here are three things you must know about the website:
The idea was born from a trip to Europe. “I met an extremely talented woman stitching together a very beautiful white knit coaster in a city square. Seeing the joy on the craftsman’s face from creating such a unique piece was truly inspiring,” reveals Ananya.
Their thought and design processes set them apart from other websites. Their in-house team of designers collaborate with craftsmen from around the world including countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and UK to curate and design a repertoire of resplendent artefacts, bags, cutlery, just about anything. They ensure that the result is always of high quality.
They have an extremely wide range of collections. CuroCarte’s ranges are curated from seven counties across the world and 14 states in India. Each collection is unique and rare, crafted from stone, wood, porcelain and others. Their upcoming collections include the Buddha and Zodiac collection.
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