Parul and Mooshir Vahanvati: EDIDA India 2015 Tableware winners

APR 22, 2016 | By Tasneem Merchant
The Pune based duo’s Urban Tweeter range of crockery won the EDIDA India 2015 Tableware. The Indian robin inspires the entire range. The PlayBoat is a throwback to the numerous paper boats created in the monsoons. The black fish shaped paper clips complete the set. PlayPlane is a visual nod to paper planes. It can be used to hold photographs, memos and more.

Their creative backgrounds might lie in different fields, she has a degree in architecture while he has a Masters in interaction design, but their love for good design is the strong glue which joins them. Meet EDIDA India 2015 Tableware winners Parul and Mooshir Vahanvati of Pune based Rayden Design Studio. Their roads (and fate) collided while studying at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay and the rest as they say, is history.

“We both had decided earlier on that we want to do something of our own. When we returned from the US after three years, it was with the aim of starting our own studio. We wanted to have a space that could suit both our bodies of work – interaction and product design,” explains Parul.

Talking about her recent EDIDA India win, she elaborates, “It was an extremely happy moment for us. We weren’t quite expecting it so we didn’t know how to react. We aren’t out there socially, and were wondering how to celebrate this win. I attended the party (held at Blue Frog, Mumbai) which was a new and fun experience.”

Even though their interests differ, the jovial pair doesn’t suffer from a case of having creative differences. “It usually depends on who convinces whom,” says Moooshir. When asked who succeeds more often “I would say 50-50, some you win, some you lose,” he adds cheekily.
While their current endeavor includes experimenting with copper and concrete, their ultimate goal is to create interactive products for daily use.
Website: www.raydendesign.com
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