Obeetee launches second ‘Proud To Be Indian’ collection with designer label Abraham & Thakore

DEC 13, 2017 | By Nidhi Upadhyaya
Obeetee presents the second leg of its “Proud to be Indian” collection. The collection is envisioned by renowned creatives Abraham & Thakore.

Following the first series in collaboration with designer Tarun Tahiliani, handmade rugmaker Obeetee presents the second leg of its “Proud to be Indian” collection. Envisioned by renowned creatives Abraham & Thakore, this collection features luxurious modern carpets that take inspiration from a vocabulary of Indian arts and crafts. The collection, with its high level of craftsmanship, takes us through the journey of the ancient crafts practiced by artisans till date, presented with a modern aesthetic. It aims at displaying quintessential local designs to the global audience. “It is the representation of contemporary India, which amalgamates and uses traditional motifs, while presenting them in a way that is global and urban for the native costumer as well as those who aspire for a modern, contemporary Indian aesthetic,” said Rudra, Chairman of Obeetee. David Abraham revealed, “We try to draw on sources that were relevant to our textile history in a modern way.” Unlike the first phase, that exhibited grandeur and opulence, these new compositions are laid back, modern and minimalistic. The range of hand knotted carpets boasts beautiful patterns inspired by Kanchipuram sari borders and techniques like block prints from Sanganer, the tie-dye Bandhni prints from Kutch and also calligraphy.


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