Nupur Priya: EDIDA India 2016 Student of the Year winner

JUN 28, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
Her winning Capular series of outdoor furniture can be used as a seater, table or even a planter. The EDIDA India 2016 Student of the Year Nupur Priya is a student of Masters in Furniture and Interior Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
A student of Masters in Furniture and Interior Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Nupur Priya was chosen as the Student of the Year at EDIDA India 2016. Her winning series of outdoor furniture titled “Capular”, derived from merging the words capsule and modular, is crafted in concrete, kota stone and wood.
Nupur’s main criteria was that her products were both versatile and low maintenance. Each piece can be used either as a table or seater (as they are stackable, the height can be adjusted). With hollow insides, they  also double up as contemporary storage units. The young creative tells us more about her innovative products and her first design award.
ELLE DECOR: What is the best part about winning an EDIDA?
Nupur Priya: As a student, ELLE DECOR India appreciating my work and giving me an opportunity to be recognised is huge for me. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really great people and have even been contacted for collaborating on projects!
ED: What was your main intention behind creating your winning product?
NP: I wanted to make something that initiated conversation. The Capular series allows people to interact in public spaces. I used concrete to craft it because it’s easily available and doesn’t cost much.
ED: What challenges did you face while putting it together?
NP: I began with trying to understand the basics of working with concrete, which is very different from wood or metal that are conventionally used in product design. Combining functionality and ergonomics with aesthetic value was also a challenge.
ED: Two characteristics furniture of the future will have…
NP: I think we’re heading into an era where everything has to be easily adaptable to the circumstance. So versatility and adaptability are gaining importance. Also, right now we’re quite reserved with the kind of materials we use for furniture. A more diverse material palette is also a future possibility.
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