#NewCollectionAlert: StudioCREO’s MYA range for kids

JUN 19, 2017 | By Ayman Contractor
L-R: The MYA collection by Italian furniture brand MAB Wardrobe is for kids of all ages; It is compact yet child-friendly with colourful options; The collection has changeable layouts to accommodate the growing child's needs; The MYA collection also can be modified to change a single bed to a bunk bed for a new addition.
StudioCREO launches MYA Collection by Italian furniture brand MAB that accommodates the ever changing needs of growing families. A child’s bedroom is their sanctum which is why it needs to be versatile. The bedroom must also adapt to being a playroom, a study and even change to accommodate a second child. The collection consists of beds, bunks, desks, chairs, wall units and closets. All pieces have changeable layouts to suit any of these changes. For new, growing families, this collection provides a relief as it is compact, adjustable yet colourful and cheery for tiny tots.
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