#NewCollectionAlert: Cottons and Satins will reinvent your bedroom this summer

MAR 21, 2018 | By Sakshi Agrawal
Elements Bedding by Cottons and Satins. Affinity by Cottons and Satins. Bumblebee by Cottons and Satins. Spring Bedding by Cottons And Satins. RIPE Grape Bedding by Cottons and Satins.
Fawn Summer Bedding by Cottons And Satins. Country Bedding by Cottons and Satins. Harmony Bedding by Cottons and Satins. Mediterranean by Cottons and Satins.

With the launch of its first bedding collection in Mumbai, Cottons and Satins will liven up your home with their quirky and stylish mix of textures and colours. This range of contemporary bedding pieces has been made with the finest materials and craftsmanship to really reflect the season.

“We wanted to treat our bedding collection differently so we did the opposite of what comes to us naturally- we excluded the prints completely and focussed on surface and texture. The result is a range of bedding sets with a lot of pleating, appliqué and embroideries in soft pastel colours,” said Mala Sapra, the Founder and Creative Director of Cottons and Satins.

Replete with bedspreads, shams and cushions, don’t miss the lush velvet finishes and hand-embroidery details. Offered in a unique palette of colours and patterns like fresh greens, neutral greys, dusky blues and soothing browns accentuated with glimpses of nature-inspired elements, this collection is perfect for the contemporary urban home.


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