Kenzo Takada on reimagining one of the most iconic pieces of furniture of all time

APR 6, 2018 | By Reecha Kulkarni
The evening 'Yoru' sofa dons darker shades of indigo and brown. The morning Mah Jong sofa 'Asa' by Kenzo Takado, as a part of his collaboration with Roche Bobois.

The Mah Jong sofa from Roche Bobois is something of a couture diva. The icon has been dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier and Missoni Home, and it will now wear Kenzo Takada. The founder of fashion brand Kenzo reinterpreted kimonos from his home country of Japan for the modular seating arrangement. He gives ELLE DECOR India a glimpse into how he constructed his own rich heritage into a colourful collection of fabrics and ceramics.The collaboration may have come about last year, but it began with the designer’s visits to traditional Japanese musical dramas. “I was strongly inspired by the graphics and materials of The Noh Theatre kimonos,” he says. “They are usually made (with) jacquard, silks, cotton, and other textiles. And I love to work with jacquard; it is a luxurious material and gives a certain depth to the design.” He further explains why he chose the Noh Theatre: “It is a ceremonial rhythmic play with actors wearing masks, with a very mysterious aspect and supernatural spirit to it, which I am fond of.” Borrowing from the range of prints and emotions of the costumes, the designer upholstered the sofa in shades of the day: the morning, midday and the evening.Translated to Japanese: asa, hiru and yoru.Translated to decor: pop prints and fluorescent colours for the morning, warm reds and florals for the midday and gorgeous hues of indigo for the evening. Ultimately, it’s a designer kimono for your home, and it dons the essence of Kenzo Takada. “I wanted to bring forward Japanese culture and craftsmanship. So, all the visuals were primarily based on a journey to my native country of Japan,” he says.

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