ID Satellite Mumbai 2019

MAR 20, 2019 | By Sakshi Rai
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Rajiv Sethi, Purvi Parekh and Tapan Deshpande with a guest at Tranceforme; Delightful spread of ingredients for the masterclass at Masque; Aditi Duggal interacting with guests at Masque; Stunning collection at Tranceforme.
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Vivek Asrani with Zarir Mullan; Aditi Duggal; Rashida Baker Asrani with guests at ABACA; Arif Ayyub with Rashida Baker Asrani.
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Mahesh Nambiar with Vishal Singh; Soumil, Irina de Payevsky and the talented students behind the installations at G5A; Ongoing cocktail masterclass at Masque; Nishita Kamdar, Rajiv Parekh, Sachin Balvally and Soham, at Blue Loft.
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT E-Emerge - digital art platform at Blue Loft; Beautiful carpets at DEFURN; The bright,colourful spring installation by Istituto Marangoni at G5A.
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Istituto Marangoni installations at G5A; Delicious treats at ABACA; Gorgeous interiors at DEFURN.
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Creative showcase at Tranceforme; Tiran Driver, Nicola Gerber with their daughter; India inspired collection at Tranceforme.
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Latika Khosla with her son Rishabh and Vaishali Shadangule at Freedom Tree; Freshly prepared exotic cocktails at Masque.
A celebration of design notes and unveiling of unique Indian concepts and stores by renowned studios,ID Satellite Mumbai held on the 1st of March 2019 was a memorable affair amidst architects, interior enthusiasts and design enthusiasts. Trailing the New Age and ancient India, the event comprised of an exciting design trail that unfolded at the bylanes of the famous Shakti Mills in Mumbai’s financial district.


The journey kickstarted with a master class in unique Indian inspired cocktails at Masque bar, a refreshing start for a fun evening ahead. Famed scenographer Padma Bhushan Shri Rajeev Sethi graced the night with Tranceforme’s unique craft showcase. The crowd then proceeded to G5A where the students of Istituto Marangoni collaborated with G5A to display stunning installations themed across the four seasons. A few trails later, ABACA gave us a glimpse into the world of art and craft by bringing us six renowned Indian artists, all masters in their varying fields for an interactive design session.


Blue Loft brought to us renowned digital artist, Vinay Mehta, with his interesting new take on digital art through a platform called E-Emerge. Defurn took us on a woven journey, presenting beautiful handwoven carpets with ancient and modern motifs. The gala night ended with Freedom Tree launching its colour of the year and fresh, vibrant Indian inspired print collection-Mohur, leaving us in high spirits!


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