; Holi 2022: Best artisanal mithais in India you must not miss out on!


Mithais play dress up this Holi—Here’s a colour bombed edit of the best artisanal mithais in India to binge on!

MAR 17, 2022 | By Pratishtha Rana
Photographs courtesy Gur Chini
Photographs courtesy Bombay Sweet Shop

The spring flowers have blossomed to its fullest, the weather softly but swiftly transitions from cool to warm, the landscape around oozes brighter colours than last month and before we know it- Holi arrives.

The famous festival of colours probably means different things to different people. Some like to go all out with their hands full of gulal, while some of us only wait to gorge on mithais, artisanal but desi at core.

To help you savour the best artisanal mithais in India, check out our curated edit of the glacé sweets, you’ll probably want to overdose on (at your own caution!) Happy Holi.

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BARFILA, Matcha tea green fudge (barfi)

Bright and bold, the green tea fudge by Barfila is probably the best of both worlds, with generous tinge of matcha flavour and concept of barfi moulded into one artisanal mithai.

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holi artisanal mithais india Barfila
Photographs courtesy Barfila

NIHIRA, Lavender ladoo 

The classic motichoor gets a stunning spin laced with lavender extract that gives its a striking purple tint that neither your taste buds and your eyes will forget!

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holi artisanal mithais india Nihari
Photographs courtesy Nihira

BOMBAY SWEET SHOP, Nolen gur, coconut kheer kadam

If you can’t be in Kolkata, let the city of delectable sweets come to you. Bombay Sweet Shop brings its luscious take on handmade Nolen gur-coconut kheer kadam, rolled into adorable balls of malai ped,  stuffed with palm jaggery-infused rasgulla and touched up with desiccated coconut!

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Holi artisanal mithais india bombay sweet shop
Photographs courtesy Bombay Sweet Shop

SAUGAAT, Lemon de leche

With a palatable portfolio of Indian artisanal mithais, macarons and brownies, too, Saugaat by Bikanerwala is a sweet destination to bookmark. However, our eyes are fixated on the lemon de leche, a rich blend of smooth milk solids and that electrifying tang of lemon.

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artisanal mithais india Saugaat bikanerwala
Photographs courtesy Saugaat

KHOYA, Pink coconut ladoo

When your favourite things are splashed with delightful colours, the joy of savouring it doubles up. Khoya introduces pink coconut ladoo, made of coconut, filled with dry fruits and then rolled on a carpet of coconut again!

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artisanal mithais india Khoya
Photographs courtesy Khoya

GUR CHINI, Wild rose and honey gunjiya

A staple during Holi, gunjiyas are a favourite at every home, and Gur Chini wants you to add some twist to it with their special wild rose and honey gunjiya. Deep red hued and stuffed with taste-tickling mixture, these sweets are sculpted into gorgeous compact shapes that you’d have a hard time deciding whether to gorge on it or not!

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Holi artisanal mithais india
Photographs courtesy Gur Chini

LE15 PATISSERIE, Thandai macarons

We have no intentions of separating the timeless bond of Holi and thandai and Pooja Dhingra’s Le15 Patisserie thinks alike! Available until 18th March, from the ever inventive kitchen of the brand emerges delightful macarons imbued with flavours of Thandai, white chocolate ganache and some colourful splatter.

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holi mithai india le15 patisserie
Photographs courtesy Le15 Patisserie

SALTT KARJAT, Apple and raisin gujiya

Sculpted, crisp, moist and saccharine, gujiyas effortlessly embellish the Holi platter. Saltt restaurant in Karjat is plating up scrumptious gujiyas curated especially for the festival of colours, made with green apples, oats, raisin and deep fried in ghee and draped with rose sugar syrup. Available until 20th March at the outpost!

Address: Saltt, Oleander Farms Pvt Ltd, Karjat chowk road, vavarle village karjat, khalapur, Maharashtra

holi mithai saltt karjat

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