Hafele India’s new showroom gives you OCD

SEP 18, 2017 | By Reecha Kulkarni

Mumbai is notorious for its tiny homes. Which is why Hafele India’s newly launched 10,000 sq. ft. Design Centre in the Maximum City is basically organisational porn, with storage ideas everywhere you look. We walked through their kitchen set-up, stocked with automatic cabinets and Hershey’s syrup bottles, making our way to the rest of the studio. Remote-controlled disco showers greeted us at one end, while Quartz pivot doors made us dizzy with options. The store also gave us another reason to shop – revolving shoe racks, multifunctional drawers and “lit” wardrobes stood casually near their bedroom set-up.Designed by Ketan Chavan, the company’s second showroom in the city combined Hafele’s array of products, with hints of South Bombay. “The feel of South Bombay was a critical part of the design. We’ve taken the skyline of Bombay in block print and integrated it along with vintage photos of Bombay’s iconic buildings,” he says.Website: www.hafeleindia.comAlso read: Duravit turns 200 with timeless designs