Godrej launches ‘Design Dekko’ – a networking platform for architects and design community

FEB 21, 2019 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Conservation architect Vikas Dilawari. Photographer-artist Jatin Kampani. Nandini Sampat with Brinda Somaya. Shabnam Gupta (The Orange Lane), Karishma Bajaj (Red, Blue, and Yellow), Santha Gour (Planet 3 studios) and Darshan Gandhi (Global Design Head, GCPL) in conversation with Kamna Malik on the subject ‘Women in Design.

Godrej Group has recently launched a unique brand agnostic platform, ‘Design Dekko’ for architects, interior designers, and allied (AID) community. Over 350 professionals and students from design schools joined biggest names from the Indian architecture and design space for the launch which was held on 2nd of February 2019 at Godrej One, Vikhroli (Mumbai).

The concept has been initiated with the objective of building a platform where architects and interior designers can network, showcase and collaborate within the community and with brands.
Celebrated minds from the industry like architects Brinda Somaya and Nandini Sampat, conservation architect Vikas Dilawari, Karishma Bajaj from Red Blue Yellow, Santha Gour from Planet 3 studios, celebrity interior designer Shabnam Gupta, Brand Director, India Design, ID, Kamna Malik and Darshan Gandhi, Global Design Head, Godrej Consumer Products Limited were part of this unique platform. Also present at the launch were Mr. Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Group and other senior leaders from the Godrej group. The phenomenal response at the launch showed the merit in creating a platform that is for and by the community.
Commending the launch of the platform, veteran architect, Brinda Somaya, said, “Mentoring is very important for young architects. That is where #DesignDekko will come most handy. It is all about instilling values in budding architects.” Delivering the keynote address, mother-daughter duo of Brinda Somaya and Nandini Sampat, emphasised upon how architecture is a demanding profession as despite being a technical profession it encompasses every bit of human culture and human nature. Nandini Sampath said, “Architecture incorporates a range of things and all go hand in hand for the final product like – film making, graphic design, photography, archaeology. It is about collaborating across different verticals.” Brinda Somaya also urged budding architects to take up conservation of heritage structures. “For younger professionals in architecture and design space, building something new is always more encouraging and exciting. However, there are 10,000 monuments listed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). We have to create new buildings but at the same time also focus on conservation.”Echoing the views, and voicing the need to balance development and conservation, conservation architect, Vikas Dilawari, said, “We have to shift the focus of our city from redevelopment to urban renewable. We have to integrate what we have inherited and blend it with our development goals.”
The power panel of the day witnessed Shabnam Gupta (The Orange Lane), Karishma Bajaj (Red, Blue, and Yellow), Santha Gour (Planet 3 studios) and Darshan Gandhi (Global Design Head, GCPL) in conversation with Kamna Malik on the subject ‘Women in Design.’ Acknowledging the issue, Santha Gour shared from her experience, “I run my studio with my husband but everybody associates my husband with the studio. Though I am proud of my husband, we need to stand against these biases.” Reiterating the need to give the due credit to women in the design industry, Karishma Bajaj said, “Empowering women is paramount while working appreciates your peers who are women and make them know they you are proud of them.” Concurring with the views, Shabnam Gupta added, “The change needs to start at home. My two boys have seen me work, they will grow up respecting women at work and accepting the fact.”
Here’s a glimpse from the #DesignDekko launch by Godrej HERE
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