Give your kitchen a festive makeover with IKEA’s new launch in India.

NOV 1, 2018 | By Nidhi Upadhyaya
Mia Lundstrom, Creative Director of IKEA India.
The Ikea store showcases a wide range of cookware comprising pots and pans, pressure cookers, serving plates and cutlery and curry bowls.
Living room accent pieces in muted tones and interesting prints inspire us to recreate the look.

IKEA India’s Creative Director Mia Lundstrom discusses her design philosophy and work as the brand takes its first few steps in the country.

IKEA’s much awaited Indian foray has been greeted with a lot of excitement. On this occasion, Mia Lundstrom, Creative Director of IKEA India, reveals, “I have now experienced three years in the country. It’s a fantastic opportunity if you want to have an adventure.” Having worked with the label for over two decades, she stresses on the importance of safety, quality, locus, form and sustainability in design. She fondly recounts the conceptualization of a white duck from the Sprutt collection, her first with the brand, which was quite a challenge to create but has remained a favorite over the years. Mia commented that while the aesthetics in Swedish and Indian homes differ, the needs remain similar.
She went on to talk about the exclusive Ursprunglig range of fabrics that comprises bold patterns and vivid colours. She elaborates, “We went around the country and learned a lot about block prints and weaving techniques, and assembled these two together with two Swedish designers.” Interestingly, they have also introduced more functional items like kitchenware, harder mattresses and lunch boxes, among others.
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