Gautam Seth and Prateek Jain: EDIDA India Designers of the Year 2015

APR 5, 2016 | By Tasneem Merchant
The Alchemic’s Paraphernalia for Hendrick’s Gin depicts a mad scientist’s laboratory which is the creative pair’s translation of the beverage company’s process. Mandapam, made in collaboration with Swarovski, features crystals and laser cut panels combined with traditional designs. The duo’s Mid Century Modern series is inspired by the works of design legend, Le Corbusier. Seen here is the Geodesic illuminator from the same collection. What does the fox say?, Klove Studio’s installation at India Design ID 2016, was inspired by the pop song of the same name by Nordic band Ylvis.
New Delhi based designers Gautam Seth and Prateek Jain of Klove Studio have been in the spotlight for their spectacular hand-blown glass chandeliers and fixtures for a decade now. Their steady growth and constant acclaim are proof of their genius with a material that bends and moulds to their will. The duo were recently crowned Designers of The Year for EDIDA India 2015 in a grand ceremony at Blue Frog, Mumbai. “While we have won several EDIDAs for our lights in the past, we hold the Designer of the Year title in extremely high value.”
Their magnanimous illuminators elevate the delicate blown glass to another level entirely. A part of the attraction, they say, lies in the fluidity and transparency of the medium. They add, “It is so fragile and yet you can create something so beautiful out of it. It was a very new and tough thing to do and we liked the process as well.” However, they do not limit their creative explorations only to glass. They have even created  custom pieces with stone and metal and experimented with different finishes and textures to constantly challenge themselves.
They wholeheartedly agree, “It was the Mandapam which pushed us to our limits. Done in collaboration with Swarovski, it was eight to ten feet tall and had to be constructed in a mall that saw a lot of traffic. We had a close deadline and had to work through nights to be able to launch in time. Conversely, it is also the project we are extremely proud of as it is deeply connected to our heritage.”
Coming to their most recent installation – the Alchemic’s  Paraphernalia for Scottish beverage brand Hendrick’s Gin – that resembles chemistry lab. “It actually came to us as they (the company) liked our designs. The challenge was to maintain our identity while bringing out theirs. It was conceptualised by studying their process and translating it. Hendrick’s Gin romanticises a certain era and that is where the idea came from. Our Alchemic’s Paraphernalia transports one to the lab of a mad scientist at work,” explains Prateek.
Currently, they are working on a few custom projects as well as their new collection all set to be launched at the next edition of India Design ID in February 2017.
Website: www.klovestudio.com
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