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Free Flow: 6 open plan living rooms that we love

JAN 29, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany

High-rise living doesn’t have to mean a stuffy and congested home. Instead, opt for a stylish integrating layout that allows more conversation and spacious interiors. Make the change by simply bring down unnecessary walls and incorporating your dinner table into the family room. To help you achieve the look, we’ve complied our best integrations that will flood your mind (and house) with bright, doable ideas…
1. Maithili Ahluwalia’s family home in NandgaonExpansive windows in this living room make it appear as though the surrounding Phansad sanctuary is almost part of the home. The spacious and pristine lounge dotted with antique furniture from Cochin cleverly incorporates the dining table by use of a lower elevation. Adding more purpose is a comfortable look-out perch achieved by adding a swing to the verandah.
2. A chic Bengaluru penthouse designed by Annkur KhoslaIn this chromatic city loft, a large lounger and distinctive wallpaper separate the TV and dining areas. The Dear Ingo spider chandelier by Ron Gilad nicely fills the high ceiling while tying well with the New York skyline wallpaper. Bringing bold character to the otherwise muted palette is the underside of the staircase hand painted by artist Saibabu. The most unique feature is the bookshelf that conceals itself as part of the staircase, accessible through each level.
3. Architect Pradeep Sachdeva’s Gurgaon VillaSticking to a contemporary Indian look, a large timber dining table shares space with a comfortable low level seating area. In this open plan, each corner is well utilised with the help of clever storage options. While a family heirloom cabinet makes room for several candles and stands from Dilli Haat, a wooden console with an Andhra style carved front defines the dining area. Peppering the walls are botanical printed photographs from Colombia.
4. A mountain retreat in Kasuali by Sonali PurewalDesigned by interior designer Sonali Purewal, this duplex overlooking the snowcapped Dhauladhar Range makes use of a customised sectional sofa, a small coffee table and silver Pedant Pumpkin light from Indigo to conjure a vibrant living area. To save space, she picks an industrial looking shingled slate fireplace. Creating a dinner area division are subtle elements like the antique horse accent in the far corner and floor lamp.
5. Architect Dr BV Doshi’s bungalow in AhmedabadThe visionary designed Kamala House with minimalistic low level seating across the room to reduce dependency on artificial light. To create airy interiors, he utilises every inch of the floor by laying out a plush white carpet. While an open central corridor separates the dining area, he keeps the space minimal by opting for a semicircular table, designed in association with Gajanan Upadhyay, with Wire Mesh chairs by Charles and Ray Eames. 6. 56+55 Sumeru imagined by Khushnu and Sonke Hoof Adding character to this bright and airy townhouse is minimal furniture and inbuilt stone seating, designed as if emerging from the ground. In this dining area overlooking the living room, the inbuilt Kota stone furniture forms plinths creating several seating levels while at the further end of the courtyard, L-shaped loungers frame a spacious living area.Also read: Incorporate a kitchen into your living room with ease