Free Expression: An art gallery styled workspace with plenty of natural light

MAY 19, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany
Fresh sunlight, verdant views, large work tables and colourful moodboards set the stage for ample productivity and inspiration. Photography by Tanuj Ahuja, Styling by Sonia Dutt.
Why limit your imagination? Break down all barriers with cues from Brand Director Suparna Handa and MD, Captain Rahul Puri of Sarita Handa’s vibrant yet warm Gurgaon based studio to get your creative juices flowing.
Full length windows, warm sunshine and scattered moodboards pinned with patterned textiles set the mood for brainstorming. If you’re a free thinker, then keep it simple and spacious with a large distressed wooden table as your workstation.
It’s even better if you’re expecting a party as oak chairs upholstered with ikat, botanical or Suzani patterns will make for striking and comfortable additions. But, if you’ve called dibs on your territory, station another meeting point with a low coffee table and mark the area with a patchwork carpet.
Here’s the real deal: Give barren white walls and wooden cabinets a burst of life by propping and scattering around paintings of different sizes. Vibrant oils, hand drawn sketches or even framed photographs – place them all against each other for an art gallery-like atmosphere that will let you travel down memory lane and into the minds of maestros.
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