Five bedrooms crafted by our favourite designers that we adore

MAR 14, 2019 | By Esha Pal
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Wooden Wonderland; Tejal Mathur; Concrete Elements; Gurjit Matharoo.
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Style Harbour; Namratta Datt; Backwaters Breeze; Tarun Tahiliani; Into the woods ; Giorgio Armani.

Indulge in long and comfortable siestas in bedrooms is not a distant dream anymore. Find #BedroomGoals in our top four bedroom picks that is sure to inspire you! Right from soft hues to an industrial setting, sleek and modern to the shabby chic vibe, find ideas that hold the promise of deep slumbers. Concrete Elements Gurjit Matharoo’s project in Ahmedabad celebrates the Brutalist Movement in architecture with an incredibly modern flair. The Master bedroom in the West Block features a Bonaldo bed covered with a handmade quilt in pure cotton by Rajke Designs and Flanked by Artemide Lamps. The house is named Stripped Mobius — a pun on the minimalistic approach to the design. Located on a secured plot and abutted by large villas on three sides, another challenge was to maintain privacy. There is an increasing paradox in homes as windows are getting larger but end up remaining closed with curtains at all times. A system of brise-soleil and deeply shaded verandahs function as natural screens that hide the house from inadvertently prying eyes. They also double up as elements that cast beautiful, intriguing and ever-changing shadows on the outside at all times. Into the WoodsGiorgio Armani’s classy abode in Saint Tropez is everything that we would wish for in a home! “It’s a place where I come to recharge my batteries. For me, staying in Saint Tropez is like a quiet break and very different from what I’m used to.” Textured walls and ceilings are one of Giorgio’s signatures. These two elements contribute to the overall look and feel, which evokes a Japanese- like simplicity. Style HarbourCurator and Stylist for Maison 15, Namratta Datt opens doors to her free-spirited home filled with generous lacings and colour. The play of light and shadows inspires me. The rising sun filters through sheer linen screens inspired by Zen design. Each piece in the apartment has a story to it. The coffee table books, some extremely rare now, are part of the collection I have had since the age of 21. Everything around me reflects a traveller’s mind. The home is my getaway — a sanctuary of narratives that lead to conversations over intimate dinners in the open, led with candles and owers or watching the sliver of light break through the crisp winter mornings. Wooden WonderlandBrothers Saket and Pranay Aggrawal visited Tejal Mathur in her studio to talk about what they wanted for their apartment in Kolkata and suggested that she give the house an upscale voice instead of going for a traditional look. The identical floor plans indicated minimalism and gave two different viewpoints in planning. Hence, one was given a vast island breakfast bar and the other, an extensive master bedroom. Several permutations later, a strong dialogue between two simple finishes emerged — the cavernous solitude of micro concrete and the varied grain of Indian teak. The idea was to have a relaxed space where you could walk barefoot, interjected with the sharp lines of white marble tops, bookshelves, and sumptuous wooden window screens to lend a sophisticated look. Backwater BreezeDesigned by fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani’s newest venture, Ahilia Homes, crafts a contemporary holiday dwelling on the rustic Goan backwaters. This cosy Goan holiday home built for an industrious couple is a fresh respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The bedroom adorned in muted shades upholstered in neutral colours like cream, taupe, beige, biscuit, sand and toosh invokes languor — leeching away stress, radiating peace. As the sun sets over the horizon, a breath-taking scene unfolds — coconut trees swaying in the breeze and the backwaters shimmering in the light of the dying sun. This is a home that is one with nature.