Find out how one of the most awe-inspiring design visionaries spends her day

DEC 21, 2018 | By Aman Mehta
IndiaDesignID 2019 Speaker, Morag Myerscough. Morag Myerscough's studio.

Morag Myerscough takes us through her quintessential city-dweller’s day, packed with work but interspersed with grocery shopping and attending to her adorable dog 6.30AM I wake up, sometimes earlier, depending on what I am working on. I like working early as my head is clear and I don’t need to speak with anybody. I find that my sketches are less contrived and looser, and usually a better starting point than the computer.7AM TO 9AM I work on the computer at the kitchen table. If I am painting, I will go down to paint in my slippers and dressing gown. These two hours are critical.9.30AM By this time Elvis, my 11 month old Westie is nudging my leg, asking me to take him for a walk to Shoreditch Park. Then I get back to work. My sketches are 2D, so once I have managed to get the thoughts on paper, I work with my partner Luke to draw them up in 3D. My studio is top lit, full of light, paint and wood. If I am not painting a large structure, I am often trying out colours for projects. I work for hours, listening to Radio 4. The pup sleeps under the table on a cushion next to me.1PM We make our lunch at home, as we work and live in the same building, and prefer that. Then I go for a quick walk with Elvis.2PM More work. I love it if a meeting is nearby so I can walk and take Elvis with me. I enjoy living in the centre of the city. Urban environments inspire me. I like seeing people in the streets and observing how quickly places can change and develop. I’ve been thinking of moving to the countryside as I would love a modernist house with a huge garden, but then I think I might go crazy as well. I was born and bred in the city.8PM I go to the local grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner. Elvis comes with me and they give him a treat. He gets super excited.8.30PM Either Luke or I start making dinner. I carry on working in between. There are lots of restaurants in the area so we eat locally when we don’t feel like cooking.9PM We eat and I love watching dramas or thrillers on the television, so our meals are in front of the TV. I was totally addicted to Handmaid’s Tale on Sunday evenings, and Bodyguard. Morag Myerscough will be speaking at IndiaDesignID Symposium 2019! www.indiadesignid.comRead more about Morag in our December-January issue