Enjoy 5 star indulgence in the skies with Etihad’s new airplane suites

MAR 3, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
Sub-standard food, limited leg roomand no concept of privacy – this is howmany of us would sum up long hoursspent in airplanes. While no one will deny the pleasure of travelling to faraway lands, we can all agree that the tiresome journey is hardly appealing. However, Etihad Airways’ ten newly reimagined Airbus A380 aircrafts aim to give luxury hotels a run for their money.
The expanse was envisioned by the Etihad Design Consortium that comprises four companies: Promise Communispace (now known as C-Space), Acumen Design Associates, Factorydesign and Honour Branding. Each firm took care of different aspects of the project. In the upper deck, visitors will find a lobby – a space where guests can lounge, play cards, order refreshments from the bar, watch sports or even organise a meeting.
The nine first class cabins are known as“First Apartments”. These are set on two sides of a plush central aisle and provide separate showers and changing rooms. Each unit is supplied with a seat, bed and personal vanity section. Six of these can also be joined to create three double apartments for larger groups.
The most jaw-dropping feature in the flight, however, is the “Residence” that is nothing short of a private jet experience in a commercial airliner. The 135 sq ft suite is equipped with a range of deluxe facilities including a lounge, bedroom with a wardrobe and a private bathroom with a shower.
To add to the extravagant indulgences, the in-flight dining menus are tailored around dietary preferences of the boarders who also have a personal butler serving as both a concierge and a maitre d’. Additionally, the on-board hospitality team includes a chef, food and beverage manager and a flying nanny, too! A quick look around the place will confirm that every element draws inspiration from the city of Abu Dhabi, from furniture used to materials and finishes employed.
While the geometric patterns displayed throughout the space are borrowed from  traditional Islamic design and modern Arabian architecture, the colour palette reflects varying hues of UAE’s landscape. With royal treatment akin to this, we aren’t sure if you’d even be bothered to arrive at your holiday destination.
Website: www.etihad.com
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