End the year and commence the new one with an artistic roar—we’ve rounded up the best art fairs for you!

DEC 26, 2019 | By Vedika Nair
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT India Art Fair; Moment of Awareness; Memory's cut: Its deep embrace.
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Bharat Dalal - The Fossilized Passions of Da Vinci; Laksmi Madhavan’s Art Studio; Bharat Dalal - The Fossilized Passions of Da Vinci; Bharat Dalal - The Fossilized Passions of Da Vinci.
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT India Art Fair; Some Aspects of Time, and How the Painters of the Past rendered them; Moment of Awareness; Fields of Eros and Enchantment.
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Laksmi Madhavan’s Art Studio; Laksmi Madhavan’s Art Studio; Laksmi Madhavan’s Art Studio.
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Bharat Dalal - The Fossilized Passions of Da Vinci; The Song of the Earth and the Sky; Bharat Dalal - The Fossilized Passions of Da Vinci; Bharat Dalal - The Fossilized Passions of Da Vinci.
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Fields of Eros and Enchantment; India Art Fair; Fields of Eros and Enchantment; Fields of Eros and Enchantment.

Art buffs, Rejoice! If you’re still struggling with plans for New Year’s Eve and looking for something to do in 2020, we’ve got you covered. Take a stroll and spend your time gazing at captivating art. Moment of Awareness

Tao Art Gallery in Mumbai showcases Anwar Khan’s ‘Moment of Awareness’ that features his journey of finding peace through his constant discovery of the unknown by using his passionate, visual language that is in contrast with the external world of chaos. His work reflects a direct dialogue of powerful abstraction. Curated by the Director of Tao Art Gallery, Kalpana Shah, the exhibit will also launch Anwar’s first-ever Coffee Table Book called Deewangi, which contains images of his works from 1985 to 2018. The exhibit will conclude on December 30, 2019.

India Art Fair All set to showcase over 75 exhibitors and spanning 20 global cities, India Art Fair opens on January 30, 2020, at the NSIC Grounds in New Delhi. Led by Fair Director Jagdip Jagpal, the 12th edition of the fair will celebrate the booming modern-day art scene in South Asia and present innovative contemporary art, modern masters and vernacular artistic traditions. The fair will also feature live performances, art projects and diverse talk platforms that position artists at their core. The fair will conclude on February 2, 2020.

Fields of Eros and Enchantment: Nestled in Mumbai, Akara Art continues its 10th Anniversary celebration with an exhibition of Bhagyashree Suthar’s art starting January 9, 2020. Her second solo exhibit titled ‘Fields of Eros and Enchantment’ is an amalgamation of memories and geometry. Bend, mould, twist, stretch geometry – is what Bhagyashree Suthar does in her drawings and paintings. Here geometry is robust and juicy, and every story shapes itself into landscapes of time, light, and intrigue – as the lines, spaces, and shades in between hiding emerge and play out a field of memories from histories and imaginary worlds we call Utopia. The exhibit will conclude on February 22, 2020.

Posthumous Artwork Based out of the States, the late Mr Bharat Dalal was an exemplary artist who had a passion for creating paintings, crafting sculptures, exploring philosophy, composing music and writing literature. Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, Dalal crafted a series of paintings called ‘The Fossilized Passions of Da Vinci’ that epitomized his creativity, philosophy and passion as one last tribute to the world before his demise. His work will be showcased at the LA Art Show in Los Angeles from February, 5 to 9 2020.

What you missed! Talk by Dr B N Goswamy Against the backdrop of the ongoing exhibition Painted Almanac at Threshold, Prof. BN Goswamy spoke on “Some Aspects of Time, and How the Painters of the Past rendered them”. The talk that took place on December 7, 2019, at Threshold Gallery in Delhi showcased an introduction to his work and reflected on the handling of time by Indian painters in the past. “Ordinarily, one associates time with the performing arts, but clearly it enters the visual arts too”, he asserts. “One can think of time as having different aspects: ‘cosmic, mythic, sacred, astrological, among others’ but time as we think of it in its ordinary or usual sense, can be equally puzzling;” Goswamy concludes.

Laksmi Madhavan’s Art Studio: Artist Lakshmi Madhavan showcased her art at a pop-up charity exhibit in collaboration with the beverage brand Remy Martin on December 19, 2019. The exhibit showcased a comprehensive selection of the artist’s work ranging from her earliest canvas paintings to her latest acclaimed installation at the Kochi Muziris Biennale Collateral. She alternates her work between form, material, scale, figuration and abstraction. A generous part of the proceeds went towards supporting Artreach India, a charitable trust that uses the medium of art to transform the lives of the youth and women from marginalised communities.

Block Your Dates For – The Gujral Foundation, a renowned non-profit, has two upcoming exhibitions in January 2020. The foundation has showcased more than 150 artists and thinkers in numerous projects globally, and will now feature Remen K. Van Der Vaart and Ankon Mitra. Reha Sodhi will be the Curatorial Advisor for both exhibitions. ‘Memory’s cut: Its deep embrace’

Artist Remen K. Van Der Vaart’s solo exhibition will showcase at the India Art Fair in Delhi, as part of the collateral events programme. The exhibit will conclude on 24th February 2020.

The Song of the Earth and the Sky: Architect, landscape designer and a pioneer of origami in India, Ankon Mitra will exhibit a stand-alone pleated pavilion at Sundar Nursery, New Delhi. Commissioned by the foundation, it will be available for public viewing from 30 January 2020. Made using a varied range of materials, the purpose of the pavilion will be to examine the importance of sustainable futures within the sphere of design, architecture and the cultural landscape. The pavilion will close on 30 March 2020.