ELLE DECOR’s 12 Days of Christmas: Fun and easy decorating ideas

DEC 11, 2015 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
A partridge in a pear tree and two turtle doves: Start your 12 day countdown with pretty platters and a romantic boudoir. Three French hens and four calling birds: Spread some cheer at home and around with a new breakfast spread and chocolate surprises in the living room. Five golden rings and six geese a-laying: Gold plated crockery and humpty dumpty eggshells will feed your love for all things beautiful. Seven swans a-swimming and eight maids a-milking: Make way for cute bathrooms filled with swan candles and get back to basics in the kitchen with metal utensils.
Eleven pipers piping and twelve drummers drumming: Santa stirrers and the Christmas feast on a table with rope lights and strewn baubles will guarantee a merry time. Nine ladies dancing and ten lords a-leaping: A whimsical room for the kids and wall decor made with a deck of cards…do something new this season.

Sing the song and decorate along. Here’s our reinterpretation of the gifts in the Christmas carol into contemporary decor ideas, all for your true love – your home, of course.
A partridge in a pear tree: Place the fruit of your day’s hard work in a pretty plate. On your dining table, let the aluminium platter take center stage. Place juicy pears on it and decorate the table with loose sparkly ornaments.
Two turtle doves: Something you would like to present to your true love? Let the doves do the talking. Change your bedding, throw in sheets of fake fur and silk, and transform your bedroom into a love haunt.
Three French hens: Always keep the sunny side up. Welcome into your kitchen a new spread for breakfast – a teak storage cupboard and lots of new accessories like glass bowls, napkins, egg whiskers, salt pepper shakers… and feast like a king!
Four calling birds: What is Christmas without candies and a chocolate indulgence! In a cardboard box, place some chocolates (think of fun shapes…birds maybe?). Jazz up the box with ribbons and beaded bell strings. Let your guests binge on the goodies placed in the dining room – socialise on a sweet note.
Five golden rings: Prepare a feast, but first, pretty up the platter! Shop till you drop for those porcelain dinner plates with gold plated edging. Complement it with linen napkins and gold plated napkin rings.
Six geese a-laying: Let the first meal of the day be the best. Look for something unique and mix it up with the regular like Humpty Dumpty sitting among unassuming silver plated eggcups. Add beaded coasters. Marvel at the setup, and dig in!
Seven swans a-swimming: Bathe in the Christmas spirit; let the bathroom reflect the holiday mood. Let a streamer loosely fall from the sink. Place some swan shaped candles in a plastic tub and on top of bath mugs. Smile at the organic beauty.
Eight maids a-milking: Going back to basics has its own charm. Start with your containers. Bring in steel milk cans and jugs, aluminium buckets and ceramic mugs. Missing the Christmas element? Whip out your old stockings and place a toy inside it. Hang it on a wire above.
Nine ladies dancing: Indulge the kids; help them redecorate. Surprise them with a tall jute lamp and stick aluminium angels and plastic stars on it. Wool cushions, a cotton rug and cute baubles will make them happy.
Ten lords a-leaping: Reshuffle your cards and fish out all the kings. Give them their due; let them rule your wall. Frame the cards and hang some reindeer baubles around it.
Eleven pipers piping: Ring in the festive spirit in style. Inside your cocktail glasses, introduce sterling silver stirrers studded with semi precious stones. Add another Santa stirrer. Now say cheers!
Twelve drummers drumming: A great supper isn’t just about good food; it’s table dressing too. On a cotton tablecloth with linen tablemats, place porcelain dinner plates with gold plated edging. Red acrylic steel forks and knives (or chopsticks that can replace drumsticks), a rope light in the middle and cute baubles strewn around should do the trick.