Eikowa: The ideal rendering tool that narrows your ‘Expectation Vs Reality’ art experience

AUG 30, 2019 | By Sakshi Rai
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT The engine is a modern day aid to art patrons

Coined after the Greek word that stands for ‘image’, Eikowa is a dream destination for art buffs. A leading online art gallery in the contemporary Indian art space, it was launched four years ago by Forbes 30 under 30 alumna, Vaishnavi Murali. It is a platform for both budding and established artists to showcase their art to a larger, more widespread audience.

Keeping with the digital age while breaking down technical complexities, they have recently launched a visualization and rendering engine that helps buyers with their primary concern—imagining artworks they see online in the setting they like. For those times when you have your heart set on an artwork but can’t anticipate how it might look in your home, office or any other setting, Eikowa simplifies your work for you.

Built with easy and user-friendly features that guide the user, buying art has never been more exciting. All you need to do is select an artwork and feed in an image of your desired space with its dimensions. The engine gives an accurate depiction of real size frame to space ratio, along with palette suggestions that complement the rest of the decor. For instance, if the painting is too large for the space it will overlap onto other existing elements. One can also refer to it for the right size and style of framing. Designed as a web-first, no separate mobile app installations are needed.