#EDWOWFind: These anti-dull seaters from Desi Jugaad are made of old tyres and jute!

AUG 18, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Wok The Talk Stool is an eclectic piece of outdoor furniture that is crafted from an actually wok. The base of Balti Stool is crafted to look like an old fashioned bucket, complete with handles and a fun coloured finish. Made from an old tyre, plywood, wood, jute, coloured threads, Roped with a Twist Ottoman can complement a sofa or a reading corner. Seaters in eclectic patterns are a perfect accompaniment to incorporate vibrancy to any area.
Deal with dullness by giving ethnicity a modern twist in your living room with funky seaters. Go exuberant, let traditional merge with eclectic shapes and patterns.
We suggest cool options from Desi Jugaad to turn up the heat and create a sizzling space. Ingeniously crafted from an old tyre and jute, the Roped with a Twist Ottoman can be placed your family or dining room as a coffee table or ottoman. Another seater on our hot list is the Balti Stool – synonymous its name it is designed with an old bucket and is perfect if you’re looking to add a cheeky piece in any space. Thanks to its sassy design that utilises a wok, the Wok The Talk Stool is sure to be a conversation starter in your party.
Founded by Kritika Gattani and Ishita Gupta, the brand invokes a “jugaadu” affair in every desi home in a stylish fashion.
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