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#EDDesignerFind: Saif Faisal’s Bracket Trays

APR 27, 2016 | By Raisa Tolia
The reinterpretation of the usual fruit tray led to a very clean, original design piece by Bengaluru based designer Saif Faisal. His Bracket Tray expresses Japanese and Scandinavian design sensibilities. “The inspiration was to come up with an effortless, essential, fresh new object with a unique purpose and image,” says the EDIDA India 2015 winner.
These soft geometric trays are made in cast aluminium. He developed a certain affinity towards this material for its workability, lightness and corrosion resistance during his five year stint as a race car designer. He further adds, “It’s quite sustainable in essence since it can be endlessly recycled.”
The multifunctional Bracket tray is designed to be more than just a fruit basket; it can also accommodate eggs, act as a display stand for priced and signed baseballs, tennis or cricket balls. or simply be a mantel piece. These are available in three colours: Brown, red and lemon green and in a copper plated finish. This is a first from a series of 10 objects that will be launched by him.
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