Couture Carpets: Cocoon Fine Rugs launches its Baroque Garden collection by fashion designer Varun Bahl

DEC 10, 2015 | By Jaina Chandwany
The Broken Damask rug. The Vintage Baroque Frames rug. The Baroque Maze rug.
The Vintage Broken Damask rug. The Floral Tapestry rug.

“Fashion for me has never been limited to clothing,” explains fashion couturier Varun Bahl, who designed the recently launched Baroque Garden collection of carpets for premium luxury rugs brand Cocoon Fine Rugs.
Featuring classical designs of the baroque era, the series consists of six rugs that are hand knotted silk and wool blends. Each piece displays unique garden-like interpretations that capture old world charm and sophistication using a neutral palette of earthy beige, brown, grey and jade. Displaying motifs such as exaggerated lambrequin, damasks and the designer’s signature floral designs, the range also blends classic European elements.
Envisioned as pieces of art for the floor, this sophisticated line reflects Cocoon’s philosophy of constant innovation. “We wanted to explore a fashion direction. The source of inspiration for this range is beautiful stylised textiles and garments showcased on the runway by leading fashion designers in India,” adds Ayush Choudhary, MD, Cocoon Fine Rugs. Website: www.cocooncarpets.comAlso read: Go Rococo with baroque inspired furniture