Cosmic Balance: The only art show you should visit this month

AUG 20, 2018 | By Nitija Shastri
Untitled, oil on canvas, 2018, by Pandit Bhila Khairnar Photograph courtesy: Gallery Threshold.

If you are visiting the capital this month, you must drop by the Threshold Art Gallery, which is hosting Pandit Bhila Khairnar’s first solo show titled ‘Cosmic Balance.’ Devoid of forms and portraits, the month-long exhibition features bold gradients that tell a captivating story“Art for me is an emotional response of my perception. The yellows, greens and the subtle hint of orange, captures the terrain in Khairnar’s hometown, while the striking red and greys, invokes emotions during the interception between dusk and twilight.” says PanditThe Nashik-based artist has always been interested in the aspect of time, space and form. The nature of which extends to Colour Field Painting — which is a school of thought within Abstract Expressionism, distinct from gestural abstraction. Pioneered in the the late 1940s by maestros Mark Rothko, Barnet Newman, and Clyfford Still, Colour Field Painting is only slowly gaining relevance in the country. “ The style has been around for the longest time, however, the art form calls for an evolved audience that can transcribe an intangible narrative and remain receptive to the no-brainer storytelling —enveloping the viewer into a meditative form.” he says“ You will see layer upon layer of oil paint that creates evocations of fascinating shades of light, like silent music that transports the viewer into a zero-cavity space.” He addsWhat: ‘Cosmic Balance’1st Solo ShowWhere: Threshhold Art Gallery, Sarvodya Enclave, New Delhi 17When: 1st August, 2018 – 1st September 2018Website: